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Empowering Over 90
Rural Families and counting...

“SHAKTI” means Power; Power to get a diversify change in rural ecosystem of India. In India, We resemble women as Shakti, perhaps Shakti Foundation stands for the women, of the women and by the women. We’ve been here since 2011, hence in our journey we have iresetablety changed life of hundreds of families. Our propaganda is to make rural women self employable and to create a sustainable economic in our country. We would like you to join our endeavour.

Helping Women To Stand Up

Apparel Industry

After agriculture, the textile industry in india generates huge employment for both skilled and unskilled labor.Textile Industry of Surat itself is said to have market share of at least Rs. 30,000 million! We’re providing training to rural women into fabric industry. More than 200 tribal families are self sufficiently fulfilling the necessity of their lives. Women at our NGO have been trained in sewing and embroidery.

Food Products

Food products are the essential commodities as financial income by thousands of women who have been making various delicious gujarati food items. At our NGO we train them to make some of them. Our tribal women make various mouthwatering snacks and sell it with our help in the local market. From manufacturing to packaging to selling..the whole process involves women only.

Handcrafts Making

Handcrafts are the prime spectrum of indian economical development; Rural women in the impoverished areas of gujarat are making them self-reliant by making various aesthetic handCrafts like weaving mats, durries ,vibrant cushions covers, exquisite handbags, home and office decors, curtains and much more. Making aesthetically appealing products by the women under the umbrella of our NGO.

Computer Industry

Digital Literacy is our prime inducement of our organisation; Subsequently we provide training and facilitate them the use of personal computer. We want to leverage the technical ecosystem for the women of various age groups; which would be helpful for them as a sustainability of a family in addition to that they can also to make their child literate. Also, We are helping women to getting online.

Cottage Industry

Cottage industry is unorganized in character and falls under the category of small scale industry. They produce consumable products through the use of conventional methods. Cottage industry works well where unemployment and under-employment are widespread like the rural pockets of the country. Our NGO trains tribal women in en number of cottage industries with advance technology and skills and help them become self sufficient.

Jewellery Industry

Jewellery industry of surat is providing huge earning opportunity for women. Being a surat based NGO; we wanted to utilize this sector for the purpose of Womens’ jobs development. Hence, we are creating an vast dimension of ocean with gaining an essential training in order to make hands precious metals arts by the women. who can work under the support of our ecosystem.

A Drive to Uplift Financial and Social Condition of Rural Women

Shakti Foundation is striving to complete the definition of Women Independence, Empowerment and Growth. Women may understand her own self, she may take her own decisions, her physical, mental and economic problems may get utterance, she may be self reliant, she may no more remain weak, she may oppose the unnecessary traditions prevalent in the society is the chief concern of the foundation. We are striving hard to work in these fields and bring about great change and Nation Building and Building New Era. Shakti Foundation has been founded in order to work in the field of empowerment of women. It works for the helping women give articulation to their problems, give solutions to their problems and to awaken them of their potential.

- Dr. Sonal Rochani
Milestones Of Shakti

Awareness Campaigns


Awareness campaigns and identifications of poor, underprivileged tribal women and kids and it's documentation. more


Training to Rural Women


Livelihood training to tribal women, forming their self help groups and supporting them in turning into "rural entrepreneurs". more


Expansion of activities


Expansion of activities... focusing on resource development for tribal women, their health, hygiene, education and nutrition. more




The project mainly focuses on improving the socio-economic conditions of the Rural Women's households of the villages in Surat District. more

How can you help?

How you can Join Our Endeavor?

Volunteers are the integral part of Shakti Foundation; in the various area of rural women’s development. Perhaps, It’s a Priscilla in women’s development welcomes all committed people, young or old, to come and volunteer to reach out to more and more needy elderly. Engage yourself with in both in normal times and in times of change an impact. Professionals or students, the retired or the serving.

Become a Wellwisher, Contributor or Angel...

You can be any of this, Inorder to Support and leverage our ecosystem. That Thrive thousands of women into an economical Development. This aid women from Different spectral background and Diverge into an Socio-economic Propaganda to get an accomplice attainment. Also, Apart from Self Satisfaction you will get a token of some perks to engage in this initiative which you will get as a sense of gratification into this society.


One Step Closer to Change

Shakti Foundation also welcomes volunteers and interns to work in various departments, including Fundraising, Marketing, Impact, and HR. If you have a specific skill set or interest in data analysis, graphic design, social media, etc., please contact our office to find out how you might be able to be part of the organization.

People Behind Shakti Foundation

Mr. A M Khatri

President and Co-founder, Shakti Foundation

Retired additional collector and Director Rural Development. Our aspiring inspiration behind Shakti Foundation and Shakti Parivar. Having 30+ of experience in Rural Development, Public administration helping and guiding Shakti Foundation. Perhaps, his believes that India as a country can only be developed if the poor, marginalised people of villages will be empowered. True empowerment of people is to make them self sufficient, self reliant and hence they will be the actual shapers of their future. Women being the pillars of the family, if empowered can uplift the whole family.

Dr. Sonal Rochani

Co-founder, Shakti Foundation

Dr. Sonal Rochani has vast experience in mass media like news paper, radio and TV. She has travelled across South Gujarat and tried to understand the problems faced by rural women. Making them aware and stand on their own is very aim of her life. She is a hardcore believer and doer. Women empowerment and rural development are her favourite subjects to think, write and work upon. "Shakti Foundation" is her tool to fulfil her aims of documenting, validating, and monetising women’s contributions to the workforce and the economy. She relentless advocates for the poor, marginalised and tribal women. She underscore the importance of self-reliance and that's why wok for sustainable livelihood of rural women. Visibility, voice, and viability are the keys to change the ethos of poverty, she says.

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