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About Shakti Foundation:

SHAKTI is a Hindi word that literally means Power; the Power to change, the Power to bring a change and the Power to be a Change.

‘Shakti’ also denotes the power of women in Hindu Mythology.

Summing up, ‘Shakti’ in Shakti Foundation stands for WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and THE POWER OF CHANGE.

Shakti foundation is a registered NGO working for socio-economic
upliftment of rural women and rural development. Having been in existence; we have had a soulful journey towards bringing a positive change in lives of hundreds of tribal families. Our agenda is to make rural India self-dependent and hence creating a sustainable economy in our country. Shakti Foundation strives to complete the definition of Women Independence, Empowerment and Growth.

Our main focus has and will always be women and children in interior tribal villages. Women comprise the most discriminated section of our society. With the knowledge that empowering women is empowering the entire family, we identified the need-based entry point and taught them various

they could pursue from home. We work with governments, communities, and other key partners to extend the reach of health, hygiene, education, skill
development and livelihood along with other development other schemes to the people are still lagging behind.

Our motive is not just women empowerment but the end result which is –
empowered women becoming the agents of change. These empowered women carry values of inclusion, mutual respect and equality, helping society improve as a whole. Therefore, we work towards economic integration of women into main stream society and also giving them individual status with a right to human dignity.