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Activities of Shakti Foundation:

1. Awareness Campaigns:

Mahatma Gandhi said that India lives primarily in villages. But when we talk of India’s progress or achievement, we only think of the standard of living in cities. Consequently the cities are
flourishing and the villages are going down day by day.

At present, the condition of the life of the people living in villages is gloomy. The problems of our villagers are many and varied.

• The villagers are poor, ignorant and superstitious.

• Most of the villages have no basic amenities like good roads, water,  electricity, schools and hospitals.

• The condition of village schools is not satisfactory. Moreover, the . villagers don’t understand the importance of education.

• A large number of children are engaged in economic activities, mainly . agriculture.

• They do not know the importance and laws of health.

Hence, we made Awareness campaigns and programs as a major part of our work. Since August-2011 we have been into 100s of villages of Surat and Tapi districts with the aim of spreading awareness about health, hygiene,  education, skill development and livelihood. We are focusing on following points,

1. Education should be taken more seriously by the villagers and
especially mothers take a key role of sending their kids to school.

2. We also work for night schools establishment for the illiterate adults to teach them to read and write.

3. We motivate women for cottage industries and farmers to modernize the agriculture.

4. We educate villagers regarding elementary hygiene.

5. We spread awareness about rural banking, support women to make SHGs (Self Help Group) and help them to be self-reliant.