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Activities of Shakti Foundation:


A survey called “ASER” – the Annual Status of Education Report, shows that even though the number of rural students attending schools is rising, but more than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book and are not able to solve simple mathematical problems in tribal areas! Though efforts are being made, they are not in the right direction. The reason cited for this problem in surveys is the increasing number of single classroom to educate students from more than one grade! In some villages attendance of teachers and students is also declining. These are a few reasons why schools have failed to educate rural India.

• In some of the government schools there is only one teacher for the entire school and if they don’t show up at work, then it is a holiday!

• Some government schools in rural India are overly packed with students, leading to a distorted teacher- student ratio!

• Every village is not provided with school which means that students have to go to another village to get education. Owing to this parents usually do not send their daughters to school, leading to a failure in achieving rural. education in India.

• Poverty is another setback. Government schools are not as good and . private schools are expensive. This results in a very low number of students actually clearing their secondary education and taking admission in colleges for further studies. So the drop-out-rate at the secondary level is extremely high in villages.

The foundation to turn India into a strong nation has to be laid down at primary and rural levels. Hence, we as Shakti Foundation try to support tribal children with various educational means.

• We visit Government schools and Ashram schools and after doing the . essential survey and understanding their needs we support them with books, stationeries, computers and other required resources.

• Personality and skill development are two more areas we focus while  working in the Ashram schools.

• Yoga, pranayam and moral education through story tribal kids are given a better prospective of life.

• Various hobby classes and vocational courses are conducted in Ashram schools.