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Activities of Shakti Foundation:

6.Self Help Groups:

SHG – Self Help Groups is an initiative adopted by India several decades ago in order to alleviate poverty, and improve women’s ability to achieve rights and well-being.

Today, today it is improving the living standards of tribal women and creating empowered women force felicitating them with extra earning sources.

SHGs are a small group of women making a structure for a mutual aid and the accomplishment of a special purpose. We support making in such SHGs.

SHGs as a platform for women empowerment:

The stages of a SHG progression from a financial intermediation platform to a community institution of empowered women are the following:


SHG provides a new opportunity to women to come together, meet regularly, discuss debate and exchange views on important common issues.


The emerging financial power through their association with SHG contributes to increase women’s influence on household decision making.


Women start assuming a larger role in their communities like community work, monitoring and implementation of government programmes and schemes and participation in community meetings. They are now seen as active participants in village community.


Women graduate from being participant in social and political platforms to a more empowered role where they could successfully contest elections, and assume political power.