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Activities of Shakti Foundation:

7.Skill Development and livelihood:

In India major population is still living below poverty line especially rural
population. They have to struggle to meet even their primary needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and health! Their living status is still very low. Hence, a large number of people are shifting from rural areas to urban areas in search of better amenities of life and employment opportunities. Urban population is increasing and rural population is decreasing day by day.

Rural entrepreneurship is the solution to reduce rural migration. Skill
development of rural population is recognized as an urgent need of the day to reduce rural migration and achieve decent livelihood.

Government has launched many strategic measures to get decent livelihood through entrepreneurship development in rural area. But in spite of such
programs, schemes and vocational courses because of lack of awareness
Tribals are unable to take advantage of the same. As people are not aware of these government initiatives, we find it necessary to raise awareness among rural people regarding government schemes and programs being run for the promotion of rural entrepreneurship.

Promoting Women Entrepreneurship:

There is a strong and genuine need to free the women from under-productive tasks and augment the productivity of their work as a means of accelerating the development process. One of the options is to promote micro and small-scale enterprises for women to increase their productivity and family income. We try providing women some skill based livelihood in order to improve their daily wages earning capacity that can ultimately lead them to a better living standard.