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Need of the Hour: Why?

The ‘WHY’ of Shakti Foundation has a two-fold explanation!
Why this needs to be done? and Why are WE doing this?
This needs to be done because it’s the need of the hour, in most simple words.
If you look around; our society is ill with illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, indebtedness, malnutrition, early marriages, alcoholism, gender discrimination and so on. And the rural women, more than anyone else are the most deprived and oppressed in our society.

  • Problems Faced by Rural Women :
  • – Limited access to education
  • – Limited access to Healthcare
  • – Limited access to input and credit
  • – Inadequate technical competency
  • – Poor participation in decision making
  • – No or Poor gender consideration
  • – Limited exposure to mass media
  • – Alcoholism

Solution to counter the above mentioned problems is to provide them with a source of sustainable livelihood income along with awareness, healthcare and education.

Our main focus has and will always be women and children in interior tribal villages. Women comprise the most discriminated section of our society. With the knowledge that empowering women is empowering the entire family, we identified the need-based entry point and taught them various skills which they could pursue from home. We work with governments, communities, and other key partners to extend the reach of health, hygiene, education, skill development and livelihood along with other development other schemes to the people are still lagging behind.

Our motive is not just women empowerment but the end result which is – empowered women becoming the agents of change. These empowered women carry values of inclusion, mutual respect and equality, helping society improve as a whole. Therefore, we work towards economic integration of women into main stream society and also giving them individual status with a right to human dignity.