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Dr. Sonal Rochani

Founder, Shakti Foundation

“She is dreamer, a hardcore believer and a doer.”

“She has always had a soft corner for those who do not have enough.”

“Women empowerment and rural development have always been her favorite subjects to think, write and work upon.”

These are the few quotes from different sources talking about our founder,
Dr. Sonal Rochani. Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, Dr. Sonal Rochani was in the profession of Journalism and has had the experience of working with renowned institutions like Divya Bhaskar, Samna, Gujarat Mitra, My FM and TV9. While working as a journalist and a crime reporter to be specific, she was introduced to poverty and crime against women. She often felt helpless at the sight of suffering underprivileged section of the society.

The Trigger

““A terrifying incident, while I was working for Samna made me questions my existence and my role in this world. It was just another day of reporting at the Civil Hospital of Surat for me, when a pregnant lady, scared and horrified, came running towards us. Her clothes and her body were found to be soaked in kerosene. We came to know that her in-laws attempted to burn her alive.

Reason? Because they somehow had the knowledge of her being pregnant with a baby girl! I was terrified beyond words. I could never forget the expression on the face of that unfortunate lady who was paying a price for being a woman and for raising one inside her. That was my trigger! That’s when and how the seed to serve women and the underprivileged was sowed inside me.”

She saw deaths, crimes, criminals and victims very closely. Women were found to be the victims of majority of crimes. Rape, dowry, female infanticide, molestation and end number of crimes were being committed against women.

It was a turning point in her life and thereon she decided to make a shift in her career. She made it her mission to work for the transformation of this society. Dr. Sonal travelled across South Gujarat and tried to recognize as well as understand the problems faced by rural women. Making the rural women aware and helping them stand on their own legs had become the very aim of her life.

“Shakti Foundation” is the tool to fulfill her aim of rural women empowerment and recognizing as well as promoting their  contributions to the workforce and the economy. She relentlessly advocates for the poor